Sunday, 7 February 2016

Practice Unit | Michael Kidner

Design Development

Recently, I've spent a lot of time away from the loom and experimenting with the designs I want to produce. I find it a lot easier to play around with concepts on Photoshop, before getting onto the loom, so that way I know what I will weave. I've enjoyed working with my designs and understanding what colours work well together - it's important to me that the colours are striking and compliment each other, yet in a contrasting way.

I've learned that mixing the unusual makes a statement. For example, green and red are complimentary colours and therefore create an illusion, however by altering the tine and using pink instead of red, the contrast is increased further. I've really enjoyed discovering my own colour combinations and I'm looking forward to see how they look when woven!

Designs created using Photoshop - bold, striking, contrasting, simple

Context | Visualisations

Having finished my time on the loom, I feel it is important to experiment with visualisations, so that I am clear regarding the context for my work. Throughout the project, I've been designing my samples with the idea of upholstery in mind, however now I have woven them, I am unsure whether this is the correct area for them.

Sample two as upholstery on an armchair 
After seeing my work displayed on an armchair, there is an element that I'm not completely happy about - is it the fact it's upholstery or is it the chair? I decided to explore this further by changing my route and experimented with my work as a rug. It is obvious that my samples are statement pieces, therefore I've always been interested how they would work as a one off decorative item. 

Sample three as a rug - image from The Rug Company

I feel that this works slightly better than the previous option, however I think the designs are too dramatic at this scale. I think I still prefer the idea of my work as upholstery, therefore by changing the furniture, I hope the two will compliment each other.

Before settling on my final visualisations, I discovered a chair designed by Bros Bouroullec, called the Alcove Chair. Finding this item has made me consider the 'statement' aspect of my work; I think it would be interesting to upholster my work on a piece of furniture as unusual as this chair, to not only make a statement but also create a reaction. 

Alcove Chair with a variety of upholstery suggestions
I've also spent a little time developing testers on the jacquard; I feel it is vital to further my understanding around this loom, as well as explore alternative designs which can be created on it. A design I created a few weeks ago, caused me to further develop it and see how it responded on the jacquard.

I thoroughly enjoyed using the jacquard! It is a process I want to use during Unit X, so it was important I was aware of how to use it now, as well as see the fabric I was able to produce.  Given time, I think I could further develop some of my final samples using the jacquard, and create an alternative collection of upholstery!

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