Sunday, 7 February 2016

Practice Unit | Evaluation

As the Practice Unit has unfolded, I feel that my work has finally begun to develop in the direction I've been hoping for. My concept was to explore sustainability within the interior textiles market, whilst also further developing my skills as a designer and hone in on preferences and strengths.  I wanted to ensure that I used the opportunities I had, to create a strong collection of samples for my portfolio, yet also learn the new techniques which I'd not previously managed. 

Bradford Collection

For the first project of Third Year, I'm relatively pleased with how the work evolved. I feel that overall, I managed to further my knowledge in various areas hugely, yet I was unable to create the samples that I had in mind. Working with the linen was thoroughly enjoyable, but I had a lot of difficulties understanding how to produce the ideas in my head, and due to this I'm concerned that my samples are too simple. 
On the other hand, I do feel that my collection portrays the natural concept well; the linen and chenille compliment each other well and the colour palette is a strong representation of my initial research.
My awareness towards sustainable textiles has grown enormously and from using this project to focus on the environment, it has confirmed my passion for sustainable interior textiles. This area has definitely made me stronger and more certain with what I want, as a designer.
I found threading up on block suitable for this project however for future ideas, I think it may be too restrictive. I learned that I struggle when working with a patterned warp, no matter how simple it may be, and so in the future I want to work with one colour warps, to allow me to be as playful as I want with the weft.
Overview of the complete collection and close up of a selection
Visualisation of sample submitted for competition

Dash and Miller Collection

I started this project by reflecting on what areas I struggled with or elements I didn't achieve during the last project, so that I could work from them during this project. There were many highs and lows, but in hindsight I feel that I worked well with the negatives and as a result, have developed hugely as a designer.
From the feedback I received at the end of the Bradford brief, I felt it important to challenge myself by working with fine yarn, to compare the difference with previous projects. Initially, this was a huge struggle for me. I started with an organzine warp however due to the severity of its weight, I changed to working with 2/80s cotton in silver, and in the end I really enjoyed it. Using a structure such as extra weft, allowed me to translate my ideas into woven fabrics in the way I've always hoped yet never managed to achieve.
I loved the more adventurous and creative element that the fashion aspect provided, experimenting with embroidery was exciting and a novelty, however completing this project has confirmed that I definitely see myself in the interiors market.

Jacket collection designed for Peter Pilotto

Michael Kidner Collection

The Kidner brief has by far been my favourite and most successful brief, throughout this unit. It has allowed me to incorporate my passion for sustainability, whilst also further develop my understanding regarding extra weft, thus producing samples that I am proud of. 
Colour is so important to me when designing, it was intriguing for me to approach it with an alternative outlook and exciting to see how the work evolved.
I worked with a combination of embroidery threads and 2/60s cotton, as well as the same cotton warp as before; I'd enjoyed it so much previously and wanted to produce a fine yarn based collection. Doing this allowed me to strengthen my understanding of extra weft and develop my practice in the right direction, as much as possible.

Visualisations of samples as upholstery on sofa

Overall, I'm really proud of how far I've come since September. I've been able to not only develop my skills as a designer, but also focus on what is important to me and what areas I want to continue. I'm looking forward to experimenting more during Unit X, in terms of extra weft and sustainable upholstery - for the first time, I feel confident in where my future is going. 

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