Sunday, 7 February 2016

Michael Kidner | Influential Practitioners

Sally Greaves-Lord

Window Installation - Issey Miyake

Sally Greaves-Lord is a British Textile Designer and it is her window installation for Issey Miyake which I've found great interest in. She has proved to me how important the combination of colours can be and how you don't have to over complicate things to get a reaction. I've found a similarity between the way she has broken down her work and the way I'm splitting up mine, however I particularly like how she has only used 2 blocks on each fabric strip. 

Suzanne Cleo Antonelli

Antonelli is a graphic designer who, similarly to me, uses simple shapes to create effect.

Discovering her work has allowed me to consider creating samples which have two sections with different designs on them. I can experiment with altering the background colour, the shapes and the size of the blocks. Do the blocks need to be equal in size or different...I'm excited to experiment!

Unknown - found on her tumblr

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