Sunday, 7 February 2016

Practice Unit | Dash and Miller

A new addition | Facades 

Having discovered the Bosco Verticale and work by David Foster Nass, I came to realise that I needed to introduce some of my own architectural imagery into my designs. Previously in this project, I have researched contemporary buildings around the World, however to allow me to increase the contrasting element and truly emphasise it, I need to discover my own architecture. I spent an afternoon wandering the streets of Manchester, in the search for contemporary buildings, unusual architecture, facades which stood out from the landscape, as well as contrasts between nature and the city. 

Own images - architecture around Manchester, harsh lines, blocks, linear, geometric, combination of nature and urban landscape

Since collecting these images, I have discovered that there are also many details within the images which correlate with details found in nature. For example, the effects found in water droplets are similar to the lights or reflections in windows. I hope to portray these details in my work, using a variety of techniques.  

New techniques | Digital Print

I've spent some time away from the loom recently, to give myself the space to develop other aspects of my work. From the images I collected in Manchester, I've produced a range of digital prints on cotton, which I think have been a huge success! It's been interesting to see how my designs work on fabric, but also use techniques on top to add certain details. 

I've loved playing around with other areas of textiles, such as embroidery and print, and I think it's helped me be more creative and playful with my work.

Selection of digital prints

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